Refill Portion


It is with pride that Pure Nordic presents this unique product. 
Refill snus – pouch is an economy product where one portion equals 10 normal cans.
The cost however is only about half of normal recommended retail price.
The pouches only need to have added regular water and be left to infuse overnight.

Contains 124 grams equal to about 20 pouches per can.



  1. Stian Tveit

    Hvor kan jeg kjøpe refill snus i Norge?
    Er i all hovedsak interessert i Wintergreen og Icemint siden jeg i dag bruker Catch Eucalyptus fra Swedish Match. Bruker ca 4-5 bokser pr uke, så en rimeligere refill-løsning er sterkt ønskelig :)

    PS! Bor i Bergen


    Stian Tveit

  2. Andreas Almenningen


    Were can we get refill portion in Norway?

    Andreas Almenningen

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